One of the most talked about documentaries of the season, especially having just screened positively at the Toronto Film Festival and getting a push this week from Oprah, Davis Guggenheim's 'Waiting for Superman' (read our review from Sundance) opens in select theaters this Friday. Specifically on four screens. It's set to expand in the coming weeks, but while you can make a pledge to see the work more locally and hope that it eventually comes to you, there is a chance that you'll have to wait til it hits DVD and Blu-ray. So if you're anxious for a similar doc for the time being, you should check out Madeleine Sackler's 'The Lottery.'

Screening this Saturday in Brooklyn and available for purchase at most outlets and to rent through iTunes, Amazon and Blockbuster (sorry, no Netflix at the moment), this film is not as broad a look at the U.S. education system as Guggenheim's expected Oscar nominee. Rather it focuses specifically on a debate over charter schools in Harlem, NYC. While also featuring 'Superman' subject Geoffrey Canada and interviews with Newark mayor (and 'Streetfight' star) Cory Booker, as well as following a few families as they hope to win enrollment for their toddlers in one of these alternative institutions, Sackler presents a sometimes heartbreaking look into the process of lottery placement.