-- Tom Cruise was caught location scouting in Prague for the 'Mission Impossible' sequel that apparently isn't a 'Mission Impossible' sequel, but technically is. Confused? So are we.

-- Blockbuster is finally filing for bankruptcy this week. You remember Blockbuster, right? Back in the old days when you'd have to walk a mile up hill in the snow to go to rent a video at an actual store. Bah! Good riddance physical activity!

-- Rob Zombie has chosen the next film he will direct, and it's called 'The Lords of Salem'. No, sadly, it's not a story about a bunch of skateboarders accused of being witches (get it? 'Lords of Dogtown'? Salem? Zing!). Instead, it's a thriller set in contemporary Salem, and it follows a group of people who are terrorized when a coven of 300-year old demonic witches pay them a visit. So ... does that mean there really were witches in Salem?

-- In the spirit of catfight films like' Bride Wars', apparently Emily Blunt is gearing up to star in a film called 'Engagement Games', about three sisters who all get engaged at the same time and then go to war over their mother's wedding ring.
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