It hasn't been a good year for Mel Gibson. Just as it looked like he was getting things back on track after his July 2006 outburst and arrest, lining up the projects and wiggling his way back into acting, he found himself at the center of another summer storm. First rumors started circulating that he beat his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, and before that news had time to settle the world got to hear Gibson verbally abuse her and unleash multiple rounds of racial expletives. It wasn't long before the foundation for his comeback started to crumble, leaving 'The Beaver,''Mad Max,' and that viking drama in question. He even lost his agent.

We've wondered if a comeback was possible -- and whether you fell on the "Yes" or "No" side of that debate, no one really thought new possibilities would start bubbling this fast. Case in point: If the rumor mill is right, Mel Gibson might try to find new life on television with a guest stint on 'Mad Men.'
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