The most important thing to know when interviewing Sigourney Weaver is that she's much, much smarter than you are. She knows what you're asking before you're even done asking it, and she has at the ready a completely spontaneous and yet polite and graceful answer. That she chalked up her unfamiliarity with yours truly to her stupidity only made her seem that much smarter, even as she demonstrated the disarming authority her character wields like a switchblade in her new film, 'You Again.' Thankfully, however, her kindness is sincere, which is why you find yourself hating to love her in the movie rather than the other way around, even when she's putting her on screen adversary (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) through her paces – and then some.

Cinematical spoke to Weaver via telephone during the recent Los Angeles press day for 'You Again.' In addition to talking about finding the real emotion behind her character's animosity for Jamie Lee Curtis, Weaver talked about the collaboration the two actresses shared during shooting, and reflected on the opportunities (and limitations) of being a performer who, simply by virtue of talent and timing, changed the notion of what was possible for actresses to play on screen. (Plus, she talks briefly about the long-gestating 'Ghostbusters 3,' and her eagerness to reunite with the first two films' unforgettable ensembles.
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