Breakfast Club reunion

On Monday, September 20, The Paris Theater in New York City filled to standing-room only for a 25th-anniversary screening of the seminal teen classic 'The Breakfast Club.' The event, organized by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, celebrated not just the 1985 hit, but the life of writer-director John Hughes, who passed away last August at the age of 59.

After the screening, the audience was treated to a special 90-minute Q&A with four of its stars: Judd Nelson ("Bender"), Anthony Michael Hall ("Brian"), Molly Ringwald ("Claire") and Ally Sheedy ("Allison"). Notably absent was the other main cast member, Emilio Estevez, who Ringwald joked was "the Greta Garbo of the Brat Pack -- he just wants to be left alone." The night was moderated by noted Hughes fan Kevin Smith, who declared, "I saw this movie when I was 14 years old, and from that moment on, I wanted to join the Breakfast Club. Tonight, thanks to one omission, I can. Tonight only, I'm standing in for the jock."

Also, in attendance for the evening were Hughes' two sons, James and John Jr., as well as his wife, Nancy. Smith closed the evening out, to a standing ovation, by thanking Nancy: "Without you, he probably wouldn't have done the things he did; because you were there for him, he was there for us." For fans who could not be in attendance, Moviefone presents the cast's thoughts on the film, its legacy and the genius of John Hughes.
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