When we caught a screening of John Wells' new feature 'The Company Men' at this year's Sundance Film Festival, we called it, "Essentially a horror film for the white-collar workers over 50." With a description like that, and our current economic situation, the film sounds like a definite winner -- without even considering the all-star cast of Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper. Wells later described the story to us as being about "what happens to three men in the year after they're fired from their jobs working for a major corporation." Sounds like art imitating life ...

The film, which debuts this fall, follows Affleck and crew as they struggle through corporate downsizing. Affleck's character is the low executive on the totem pole, the one who finds himself out of work after the first round of layoffs. Sure that he'll find another job in a matter of hours, he's ill-prepared for the rude awakening the economy has in store for him and his upper-middle class lifestyle. His superiors apparently suffer even more as the recession puts the nation's economy on lockdown.

In preparation for the film's theatrical release, The Weinstein Company has provided us with the official one-sheet for 'The Company Men.' Featuring the four stars and two shadowy figures on a tightrope, it's a great visual representation of what many Americans are feeling as we continue to slog through the current recession.

Check out the full poster and trailer after the jump.
The Company Men Movie Poster
The Company Men
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