There doesn't seem to be much contention or wiggle-room when arguing about Michael Douglas' best role. 'Wall Street's' Gordon Gekko was greedier than Scarface and did more cocaine than, um, Scarface, and the character remains so enmeshed in the fabric of our culture that this weekend's sequel feels relevant despite the 23 years that have passed since Oliver Stone's original was first released (the recent financial meltdown also helps).

Sure, Douglas has been reliably memorable in almost everything he's ever done (this is the part where you list your favorite Douglas performances and then make a lame but essential Catherine Zeta-Jones sex joke), and even his dreck tends to be kind of remarkable in its own right ('Don't Say A Word'), but to most people he'll always be considered Gordon Gekko. Which is a bit of a bummer -- because his best role was actually President Andrew Shepherd in 'The American President' (but to spare lots of people yelling at me, let's just pretend I meant that comment subjectively).
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