It's probably not accurate to call Jamie Lee Curtis' new film, 'You Again,' a comeback. Though she's not in the spotlight like she once was, she did offer up the likes of 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' in 2008, 'Christmas with the Kranks' in 2004, and 'Freaky Friday' in 2003. In fact, except for her start as horror's beloved Scream Queen and a solid stretch of hits in the early '90s, the actress has always taken it easy, offering up only 60 acting gigs (from bit parts to starring roles) in the last 33 years.

But there's one film that sticks out on her resume, and makes me wonder why on earth she doesn't collaborate with her husband -- that comedic gem of a filmmaker, Christopher Guest. Twenty-two years ago this comedy achieved what most could only dream of -- Academy success with three nominations and even a win for Kevin Kline.

The film is 'A Fish Called Wanda.'
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