Teenage vampires are commonplace today but 20 years ago they were a new phenomenon. In the 1980s we had such films as 'Fright Night,' 'Once Bitten,''My Best Friend Is a Vampire' and the most famous teen vampire film of all, 'The Lost Boys' (1987).

The idea for the film came from 'Peter Pan.' The screenwriters apparently noticed that Peter flies, never ages and only visits Wendy at night. Maybe J.M. Barrie was writing a vampire story and didn't know it.

The original screenplay for 'The Lost Boys' called for "a bunch of 'Goonies'-type 5th-6th grade kid vampires." The David character (Kiefer Sutherland) was originally named Peter and the other vampires were named after the Lost Boys in 'Peter Pan.' However, when unknown Joel Schumacher was tapped to direct, he hated the kid angle and decided to sex things up by turning the characters into teenagers, with the film's locale set in its own dark Neverland. The Lost Boys reside in Santa Carla, a fictional California beach town with a boardwalk as its social center and unexplained disappearances as its main problem.
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The Lost Boys
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