In 1980, Troma pictures released a little maternal bloodbath entitled 'Mother's Day'. If you aren't familiar with Troma, they are a trashy, bargain-basement house of schlock that despite itself has managed to amass quite a cult following. 'Mother's Day' is incidentally an apt display of Troma's core values. It's a dirty rape-revenge tale that makes inept attempts at black comedy.
As much as the word remake is often synonymous with potential disaster or total insult, especially with horror fans, 'Mother's Day' is a mouthpiece for why remakes as a concept should exist. There is a half-way interesting story at the heart of the 1980 original -- two boys so desperate to earn their mother's love that they take turns brutalizing innocent women in attempt to sadistically one-up each other -- but the execution leaves much to be desired. Enter Darren Bousman ('Repo: The Genetic Opera', 'Saw II-IV').
This year's revamping of 'Mother's Day' is a solid piece of filmmaking. Though that may seem like tepid praise, this film is already starting to garner a reputation for being divisive. The scourge of hyperbole is already labeling it the "worst of the festival." This is of course a diluted insult considering it premiered on day one, but the knee-jerks must have their say. That's not to say that this review is in any way intended to champion a brow-beaten film; on the contrary I have problems with 'Mother's Day'. It's not the best, but overall it is a slick, gory, and ultimately satisfying horror remake.
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Mother's Day
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