There's been a frenzied bit of news making the Internet rounds over the weekend. Pixar named its first female director! Huzzah! Yay! ... Deja vu? Yes, put the celebrating on hold for just a minute. This news -- about Brenda Chapman and her film, 'Brave,' came from The Hollywood Reporter (and was picked up by a number of sites including EW), which offered up a link to a Pixar Wiki for the news -- a site whose information comes from a Disney press release we shared with you back in April 2008.

It couldn't be that THR just wanted to highlight a new release date, and did so in a misleading manner. Though 'Brave' was once slated for Christmas, 2011, the film is now scheduled for a June 15, 2012, release, but that was announced back in April. Maybe it's just for emphasis? The news was basically swallowed in '08 by other features much further along -- footage of 'Wall-E,' 'Up' news and a release date for 'Toy Story 3.' That far-off feature 'Brave' (then known as 'The Bear and the Bow') didn't stand a chance.

Though the film's logo was released recently, it's not exactly news that Pixar has found its first female director, but it's definitely notable. Read on ...
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