If the programming at Fantastic Fest reveals anything about the interests of contemporary horror fans, it's that they can't seem to get enough of watching people getting beat up, brutalized, debased or dismembered. But even though four consecutive horror films at the festival all focused on some aspect of intruders or invaders abusing their victims, the execution of each one was markedly different -- and consequently so was their quality.

'Hatchet II' is hardly the most technically accomplished of this year's offerings, and it's almost completely unoriginal, and yet it wears its vintage slasher clichés like merit badges, not merely acknowledging but gleefully celebrating their glorious familiarity. Adam Green, returning to the throwback aesthetic of 'Hatchet,' resuscitates his 2006 breakthrough with the same clumsy effectiveness as its indefatigable monster Victor Crowley, creating a movie that operates with a certain, charming simplicity, but doesn't dig up much else of interest than gore delivered by the gallon.
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Hatchet II
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