With 'The Hunger Games' becoming a hot topic not only in the world of literature, but film as well, all sorts of articles are popping up on sites everywhere. There are ones reporting that Gary Ross is in talks for the directing gig, ones speculating on who might nab the lead role of Katniss Everdeen and more. Regardless of the topic, there's one thing that's exactly the same with just about every one of these write-ups: the comments. No, not the ones in which fans praise series author Suzanne Collins for her work or the ones that berate authors for miscasting Gale and Peeta, but the ones that compare 'The Hunger Games' to the 2000 Japanese movie 'Battle Royale,' claiming 'The Hunger Games' is just a rip off. Maybe the two pieces share the same general concept – teens being trapped in an arena and forced to fight until just one is left alive – but the similarities stop there.

In 'Battle Royale' a class full of students believe they're going on a field trip, but instead, their bus is gassed, they're fitted with collars and taken to a remote island. That's where they find their former teacher, Kitano, and he reveals that under the order of the Battle Royale Act, their class has been selected to play a game in which they must kill each other off until just one remains. One by one the students are given survival packs and sent out into the forest and that's where the majority of the film takes place. Just a small portion of 'Battle Royale' is dedicated to providing background information. We get just enough to understand the main characters' positions among their peers, but otherwise, most information comes through battle.
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