With Hayden Panetierre signed onto a TV movie based on the story of convicted college student Amanda Knox, and Sacha Baron Cohen announced for an upcoming Freddie Mercury big-screen biopic, we couldn't help but wonder, if these projects were flip-flopped, that is, the feature film were slated for TV and vice versa, who would get those gigs?

Feature movies still require a name star, for the most part. (You were great on 'Heroes,' Hayden, but 'I Love You Beth Cooper' didn't exactly establish you as a box office draw.) And even though more and more big names are popping up on TV, there's still a different roster for casting a feature film versus a TV movie-of-the-week.

Indulge us as we recast 'Eat Pray Love,' 'Conviction' and '127 Hours' as TV movies and contemplate who'd be wearing that pink pillbox if 'The Kennedys' were still headed to your local mutliplex, instead of the History Channel.
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