Lindsay LohanWell, this was bound to happen after Lindsay Lohan failed another drug test. According to Metro, there's some buzz that Lohan might lose her spot in the romantic comedy 'One Night with You' to none other than Taylor Swift.

The movie in question would feature Lohan as an ex-child star whose good name is destroyed by public scandals. No, that's no joke, just wildly too familiar. She winds up participating in a dating reality show in hopes it'll spark a comeback. That's when the romantic counterpart kicks in and she loses sight of her original goal thanks to a good looking bartender who doesn't care much for the wild celebrity life. Back when the news first hit that the film's writer and producer, Richard O'Sullivan, wanted Lohan for the role, he told WENN, "It is ready-made for Lindsay ... but we're proceeding with extreme caution." Now, following Lohan's latest arrest, rumors are swirling that the part was officially offered to Taylor Swift.

Perhaps he thought he was taking the easy way out by casting an actress who really didn't have to act the part at all, but, clearly, the fact that he was smart enough to proceed "with extreme caution" is paying off because Lohan is in yet another downward spiral, possibly with more rehab in her future and maybe even traveling restrictions. At this point, it's really impossible to feel sorry for Lohan in the least. Whether you adored her earlier films or not, she's a repeat offender. Lohan keeps blaming her dependence on drugs and alcohol, but at this point, it's less about the addiction and more about mental issues. Some are suggesting she's got a personality disorder. Combine that with the substance abuse and you've got a serious threat to the safety of the people around her.
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