It's amazing how much can change in three years.

It wasn't so long ago that Natalie Portman was trying to find her critical footing. After wowing the masses in her youth with 'The Professional' (or 'Leon' -- take your pick), she struggled to find that same notoriety, being ravaged for her stint in the 'Star Wars' prequels and 'V for Vendetta.' In 2007, MTV asked her about the possibility of a sequel to 'The Professional,' and Portman stated: "I would work with Luc Besson again, in a second, but [not on a sequel]." She continued: "When something works, you don't touch it."

But then 'Black Swan' pirouetted through a few prestigious film festivals, and opinions of the actress are once again on the rise, leading audiences to wonder if she's finally recaptured the mainstream magic. Again, the site asked Portman about the possibility of a sequel, and this time she has a more promising answer. (If, of course, you're hoping for a sequel.)
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