Seth Green and collaborator Matt Senrich are offering us the chance to play God. Okay, not exactly God in the all-powerful sense, but in the cinematic, 'Truman Show' sense. If you remember the 1998 film, Jim Carrey starred as a man who discovers that he's not actually living his life as he believed he was. A TV show was created around his birth, his town nestled on a set, his friends and family played by actors in one big production. Essentially, his entire reality was created to serve the whims of an outside television public.

Now Green, the ex-'Buffy' star and 'Robot Chicken' creator, is testing the idea out with a much less morally questionable real-life show/project called 'Control TV,' where audiences can dictate one twenty-somethings every move, a "choose your own adventure" for a stranger on the Internet.
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