Two new cast members have been chosen for the final 'Twilight' installment, 'Breaking Dawn.' According to Entertainment Weekly, the child of Edward and Bella, Renesmee, is likely going to be played by 9-year-old Mackenzie Foy. A relative newcomer, Foy has only a couple TV episode credits, including an appearance on 'FlashForward,' and she's been in a bunch of commercials, but nothing of note. She is apparently well-known as a kids' fashion model, however, and can be seen in a number of YouTube videos as such. The question is already raised as to how much Foy will be employed in the Renesmee role, given the rapid growth of the character throughout the book. EW hears the film will feature digital effects similar to those in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' where her face will be digitally transferred to the body of a younger child.

Meanwhile, Maggie Grace ('Taken') has signed on to play the blond, vegetarian vampire Irina, who blames the Cullens for the death of her lover, Laurent (killed back in 'New Moon'), and mistakes Renesmee for being an illegal "immortal child," intent on reporting her existence to the Volturi. Grace, who as Shannon on TV's 'Lost' made similarly presumptive claims (remember when she marked Sayid as a potential terrorist at the airport?), seems perfect for the part. This time, though, she won't be falling into an unlikely relationship with her accused.

Both actresses will join returning stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning and others, as well as new addition Rami Malek, for the adaptation, which will be split over two movies. Part one will release November 18, 2011, while Part two will open a year later.
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