There are films that, regardless if you feel you'd be interested in the subject matter, demand attention based solely on their technical merits. 'Buried' is one such film. Directed by Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortes, written by Chris Sparling, and starring Ryan Reynolds, 'Buried' is one of the most unique films you're likely to see in a theater all year long. Why? It's 95 minutes of Reynolds trapped in a coffin. Sure, he talks to people on the surface via a cell phone, but the camera never actually leaves the coffin.

Such ridiculous spatial constraints aren't just bold, they're insane; which is precisely why Sparling's script floated around Hollywood for years while being met with a consistent refrain of, "You can't make a 95-minute movie in a box. It's impossible. People will get bored." That impossibility, however, is precisely what attracted Cortes to the project. Oddly enough, though, the daunting prospect of doing the script justice is actually what made Reynolds initially turn it down.

To hear about how it all came together, Cinematical was recently given the opportunity to chat with Reynolds and Cortes at Fantastic Fest, where 'Buried' played just a few days ago to wild audience reactions.
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