Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid began his film career in the larger shadow of his older brother. Sibling Randy Quaid made his mark as Cybill Shepherd's naked swimming partner in 'The Last Picture Show' and then received an Academy Award nomination as the hapless sailor heading for prison in 'The Last Detail,' leading to a string of muscular supporting roles. Dennis Quaid started out with a handful of forgettable roles (the smarmy 'Seniors,' anyone?) and then greatly impressed in a supporting role in Peter Yates' 'Breaking Away' in 1979.

Randy and Dennis Quaid appeared together in Walter Hill's 'The Long Riders,' but Dennis soon graduated to lead roles. He's a ball of infectious charm in 'The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,' which was intended to showcase Kristy McNichol. As her no good brother, Quaid steals the show (and also displays a fine singing voice). His musical inclinations got more play in 'Tough Enough,' where he played a conflicted country music singer who ends up in brutal boxing matches to make money. Those were very good performances, but they weren't his best.
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