Fantastic Fest 2010 is past the halfway point, and some of the movies that have screened once already are generating spectacular buzz among the attendees. I was impressed at the size of the standby line last night for 'Rubber', the French film about a telekinetic killer car tire. Magnet Releasing picked up the U.S. distribution rights for 'Rubber' back in May, so anyone who has missed it on the film-fest circuit may get a chance to see it at a later time.

However, some of the best and most popular movies at Fantastic Fest this year don't have an American distribution deal yet. We can urge you to see them, but can't tell you how or when that could happen. We may have to resort to buying a DVD or Blu-ray from another country a year from now, and finding a multi-region player to watch it. That's inconvenient and often expensive, so we're hoping that the seven films listed below will soon find U.S. distributors who will buy the rights for an American DVD release and, if we're lucky, theatrical release as well.