The Social Network'The Social Network' co-stars Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield certainly don't lack for comedic chemistry despite how dramatic their latest movie is.

In the 'Unscripted' above, a bespectacled Timberlake and Eisenberg easily riff off each other, joking with Garfield -- sometimes at his expense.

"How did you fall in love with me?" Eisenberg asks Timberlake, who wonders if they should really do this in front of so many people. Eisenberg says he wishes more people were in the room. But he's sadly disappointed by Timberlake's lack of romance.

Plus, Eisenberg has a boring hobby, Garfield is "rich in soul" and Timberlake imitates Mr. Moviefone. (We're so flattered!)
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