'The Lone Ranger' remake has been languishing in development hell for some time now, but it looks like Jerry Bruckheimer has rescued the project for Disney and will be producing -- possibly with his 'Pirates'' partners Gore Verbinski, who is now considering the director's chair, and Johnny Depp playing Tonto.

Verbinski just finished his first animated feature, the 'Fear and Loathing-esque' film 'Rango,' about a chameleon on a journey of self-discovery. Depp does the voice for the lizard. Of course, Depp and Verbinski have a history of working together before that on the 'Pirates' series, which would make for a cozy, gun-slinging reunion. 'Revolutionary Road' writer Justin Haythe took over the screenwriting duties back in March, replacing 'Pirates' scribes Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio -- and ruining the complete 'Pirates of the Caribbean' reunion in the process.
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