Where can you find The RZA, Elijah Wood, Nacho Vigalondo (director of 'Timecrimes'), Eugenio Mira (director of 'The Birthday'), Tim League, Michael Lerman (film festival programmer) and Henri Mazza (creative director of the Alamo Drafthouse) all doing drunken karaoke together? Only at Fantastic Fest of course.

Crazy parties and out-of-control karaoke can be found at any film festival around the world, but most of that goes on behind closed doors where only VIPs get to partake in the debauchery. That's not how Fantastic Fest does things. Here everyone with a badge has their shot to witness worlds colliding and chaos reigning all around them. This past Saturday, at a karaoke party sponsored by Criterion (yes, as in the Criterion Collection), chaos took the form of the six gentleman above putting on a once-in-a-lifetime performance of the Black Eyed Peas' "I Got A Feeling."

Spoiler Alert: The below video ends with Nacho Vigalondo mock-molesting a shirtless Tim League and The RZA wondering what in the hell he just got himself into. Actually, considering this is the lawless land of Fantastic Fest, that's hardly a surprise ending.