-- Whenever anyone mentions 'Twilight,' people automatically think of forbidden love, sparkly vampires, and that werewolf kid who can't keep his shirt on -- but the 'Twilight' fans know and love almost didn't happen. Instead, the teenage romance tale nearly became an action film. Producer Mark Morgan talked with Hollywood Life recently and revealed some of the details found in the early drafts of the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel. If you ever wondered what Bella and Edward's love story might have looked like with a Korean FBI agent tracking vampires or with Bella fighting back against the vampire clan, you would have found out had the first scripts been filmed. Morgan tells the site, "They wanted to change everything." According to the producer, one draft had Bella becoming a vampire in the first film and others had her father dying. Twi-hards are no doubt thrilled that these interpretations of the beloved books never saw the light of a projector's bulb -- but the franchise they adore could have gone in an entirely different direction ... one that looked something like 'Underworld.'

-- So, we keep hearing rumors about everyone and their mother playing a role in the 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel and finally today Latino Review delivered the good news that Holmes' arch nemesis Professor Moriarty has been cast. Actor Jared Harris -- currently on AMC's 'Mad Men' -- will be taking on the role of the mysterious criminal mastermind. The character will reportedly play a bigger role in the sequel versus the the few shadowy glimpses audiences were treated to in the 2009 film.

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