Over 15,000 of you turned out last week when we kicked off the inaugural round of our Heroes vs. Villains tournament. We've posted an updated bracket at the bottom of this post that you can click on to see which characters advanced past Round 1, and you won't find many surprises. The week's closest match-up went to William Wallace vs. Rocky Balboa, with the former winning by only 40 votes, adding further proof the 'Rocky' franchise should've ended after four films.

This week we're diving head-first into our Comic/Fantasy divisions, with buzzed-about bouts like Frodo vs. Harry Potter, Spider-Man vs. Superman, Khan vs. Lord Voldemort and more. Now, when voting, take everything you know about these characters into consideration -- from how cool their one-liners are, to how creative they can be when killing an opponent. Do they wear a cool costume or carry a badass weapon? Who are you most afraid of, and who would you root for more?

The polls are now officially open, and you can begin voting right after the jump.
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