For years now, the masses have been confusing Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera. In fact, Eisenberg has been called "the poor man's Michael Cera," embodying the sarcastic, disaffected alterna-teen in indie film while Mr. 'Arrested Development' hops around the mainstream fare. But it's more than just two young dudes playing similarly sarcastic characters. Less discerning moviegoers interchange the two (praising Cera's work in 'Zombieland'). Googling their names together brings up half-and-half Photoshopped pictures of the actors merged as if they were one being, the "Eisencera."

The two have been tethered to the same umbilical cord of teenage angst for a while now, but one floats poised, large scissors in-hand, waiting to snip that link and float on to bigger and better things. While Michael Cera languishes in slacker burnout, Jesse Eisenberg is ready for the big leagues. How did he avoid it?