First of all: apparently Robert Zemeckisis also a rumored candidate for the next 'Superman' movie. But that's not what we're here to talk about. The big news is, even if he doesn't take on the Man of Steel, the guy currently synonymous with motion-capture animation is possibly targeting his first live-action feature in ten years. Deadline reports the 'Back to the Future' filmmaker (who also played a little with the fourth dimension in 'Contact' and 'A Christmas Carol') will likely helm another "big tent pole" time travel picture called 'Timeless,' which will be scripted by Mike Thompson ('Love Happens'). Zemeckis and his ImageMovers company will at least produce the project at Warner Bros.

This makes a lot of sense, not necessarily because we dislike his mo-cap work but because his last live-action effort, 'Cast Away,' made more money worldwide than anything he's directed since. The news also comes at a perfect time, when fans are excited about the re-release of 'BTTF' next month as well as Christopher Lloyd's own return to the concept of time travel with an upcoming 3-D IMAX film. Of course, no matter what his next gig is, first he's working on the mo-cap remake of the animated Beatles flick 'The Yellow Submarine' (due in 2012).
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