Why did 'Sex and the City 2' fail?

The first
, in all its flaws and glory, was a phenomenon, coming together for a rather modest $65 million (modest when we're talking high fashion set in Manhattan), making $150 million domestically, and almost half a billion worldwide. The sequel upped the budget ($100 million) and gave the gals a lavish vacation, but the domestic gross didn't even surpass the budget, and with the foreign market included, made a more subdued $288 million.

We might say the second film failed because of its writing, performances, ethnocentrism, or use of the grotesque, but if you ask Mr. Big -- otherwise known as Chris Noth -- it is, in no way, their fault. It's the lousy critics. In fact, he says that the bad critical response to the film has killed the series, ending all chances of another crappy sequel.
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