Horror sequels that skip theaters and go straight to DVD have a bad reputation, and '30 Days of Night: Dark Days' is a good example of why that is. Its predecessor, one of the better thrillers of 2007, made good use of a terrific premise -- vampires descend on an Alaskan town where the sun doesn't rise for an entire month -- and delivered tension, scares, and sufficient gore, all despite the limitation of having Josh Hartnett as its leading man. In contrast, 'Dark Days' is a cheap-looking cheesefest that wastes the few good ideas it has.

Stella Oleson is a survivor from the first film who used to be Melissa George but is Kiele Sanchez now. She has left Alaska and moved to perpetually sunny Los Angeles, where she spends her time trying to spread the word about what happened to the town of Barrow. No one believes her, of course, and the government made sure no evidence escaped. (Small villages being wiped out by vampires rank high on the FBI's "must cover up" list.) Still, Stella gives public lectures that are well attended by people who want to laugh at a crazy lady.

There is significantly less laughter when some vampires show up at one of these speeches, however! That scene contains one of the movie's aforementioned few good ideas. At this point, while the movie isn't exactly dazzling, it's at least innocuous and watchable.