Peel yourself off the floor, pull on some sweatpants, pat down your mullet and get ready to shotgun some Pilsners. Oh yeah, It's time to 'give'r' once again. Almost a decade after their debut, two of our favorite slacker heroes are back: Deaner and Terry. These two lovable losers won our hearts in 2002's 'FUBAR', the now-classic mockumentary about a couple of hosers who just want to have a good time.

They're back in the much-anticipated 'FUBAR 2.' This time, they leave Calgary, Alberta in pursuit of lucrative oil jobs up north. Here's hoping this newfound ambition doesn't interfere with their ability to give'r, because really, who wants to see slackers grow up and get jobs? Slacker heroes resonate with the little slackers in all of us. We envy them because, at times, we wish we didn't have jobs and bills and that annoying sense of responsibility.

Slackers are completely uninhibited. They don't march to the beat of society's drummer. They eschew social norms and expectations to live the life they want, completely in the moment with no regard for future consequences. If they want to pass out on the floor, sleep til late afternoon, wake up, shotgun some beers and throw cans into the street, they just do it. And sometimes, they can even achieve heroic feats, like beating testicular cancer. Or making Farrell's grieving mom laugh at an off-color joke at his funeral.

In honor of Deaner, Terry and 'FUBAR 2,' we present a list of the best slacker heroes of all time.
Fubar 2
In Theaters on October 1st, 2010

Head bangers Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul J. Spence) go north and work on the pipelines. Read More

In Theaters on May 31st, 2002

Two friends (Paul Spence, Dave Lawrence) form a lifelong bond in Canada's Alberta Province. Read More