Last month, we posted an exclusive clip from 'Burlesque,' in which star Christina Aguilera beautifully sang Etta James' 'Something's Gotta Hold on Me,' and now, we're revealing the brand-new trailer for the film, in theaters everywhere Nov. 24.

Among the new footage you'll see in the trailer: sage advice from co-star Cher ("If you fall off the stage .. leg extended, boobs out!"), a budding romance between Christina and (a very shirtless) Cam Gigandet, snippets from the epic stage numbers and, much to Stanley Tucci's dismay, a glitter-shooting prop gun.

The movie doesn't hit theaters for a few weeks, but for now, you can watch the new trailer after the jump. And after you're done watching it a few times (trust us -- you will), sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook page here.
Burlesque Movie Poster
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