If I closed my eyes and pointed to a list of films the Coen Brothers made, there is no doubt that any one of the titles I landed on would be amazing. You can always count on the duo for top-notch performances, sharp writing and rich visuals -- the last of which is one reason their 1998 cult classic comedy, 'The Big Lebowski,' is perfect for our Famous Movie Locations list. When you think of The Dude (Jeff Bridges), one doesn't exactly think of style or finesse -- he's more at home in a pit-stained t-shirt and bathrobe than anything else. His favorite haunt, however -- the retro-licious bowling alley at the center of The Dude's universe and shenanigans -- adds a touch of class to the slacker's life, and "really ties things together" (as much as the infamous rug). It's not just a place for beers and bowling; it's the place from which a series of hilarious, surreal and bizarre events are concocted surrounding a ransom and kidnapping scheme.

The kidnapping involves Bunny Lebowski (Tara Reid) -- the trophy wife of one "Big" Lebowski -- who has the same surname as The Dude. A case of mistaken identity brought them together and the millionaire Lebowski eventually commissions The Dude to deliver the ransom to Bunny's kidnappers. That is, until Walter (John Goodman), one of The Dude's close compadres, plans a scheme to keep the cash.
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The Big Lebowski
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