Well I'd heard of island re-enactments of Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner but this is...well, pretty awesome in its own right too. According to Jalopnik, October 22-24 is Wasteland Weekend, a three-day event where people can dress up like their favorite Mad Maxcharacters and head down to the Southern California desert to pay homage to all three Mad Max movies. While it's unclear how the festival works or what parts of what movies will be re-enacted -- I doubt people really want to be stuck re-enacting Beyond Thunderdome for more than an hour or two at most -- the idea sounds, conceptually, either like a lot of fun or like it will be the worst kind of Cosplaying. I hope it doesn't but fear it will license fans to indulge their mean streaks to the point where the fact that they're hanging around a real geographic location called Barter Town makes them think they can act like a post-apocalyptic @$$hole. Then again, it could be a blast, full of alcohol (Adults only! sez the press release), scantily clad ladies and lots of manly screaming.

Strangely enough, the press release for Wasteland Weekend says nothing about tying in with the upcoming fourth Mad Max movie, Fury Road, which is gearing up for production. There isn't even a hint of it, which means this might be more about the dressing up and blowing fire than it is about the movies. It's a strange choice, but hey -- if you're around Southern Cali and are a big Road Warrior fan, check this out. We've posted a commercial for the event and the press release after the jump. (And if you go, we totally want video!)
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