When Summit screened footage from Bruce Willis' new film 'Red' this year at Comic-Con, I admit that I was concerned - not because I didn't like it, mind you, but because I feared that I'd already seen all of the best parts. Thankfully, I was mistaken, and Willis' movie still contains plenty of surprises, no matter how many times you've watched John Malkovich square off against a rocket launcher with a revolver. But other than what's already out there, I won't spoil 'Red' any further, except to say that it's an engaging, well-made action comedy that benefits from the talents of its decidedly mature cast members, even if it unspools with a pace better suited to their generation than the moviegoers that grew up watching their earlier movies.

Willis plays Frank Moses, a retired CIA spook who spends his days maintaining the pretense of a normal life, and his nights chatting with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), a romance novel-loving paper pusher who dreams of a more exciting life outside her office cubicle. One night, a group of masked men show up Frank's house and try to kill him; narrowly escaping his attackers, he promptly turns up at Sarah's, convinced that whoever is after him might target her next.