Werner Herzog's latest weird movie was recently released on DVD. It's called 'My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done,' and it was co-produced by -- of all people -- David Lynch: a meeting of two offbeat minds. It stars Michael Shannon as Brad McCullum, a weirdo who was fired from a Sophocles play, and who decides to re-create his part in real life, which includes murdering his own mother. (It was based on a true story.) He holes up in his San Diego house, with a couple of "hostages," while the police and his friends come around to try and figure out how to reach him. The movie is structured with flashbacks, including a sequence in which Brad goes to Peru, decides not to go on a river-rafting trip with his buddies, and finds himself the only survivor after they all die.

This movie did not garner much attention or box office, but the few who saw it could not fail to notice how strange it was. Perhaps it furthered the reputation of its maker as a maverick and an outsider: Werner Herzog as a crazy person who has only survived by making movies. I believe that Herzog is not so much crazy as he is simply fearless. He's more curious than any other filmmaker alive, and his curiosity sometimes takes him into dangerous places. He doesn't particularly care about danger, so long as he gets to follow his instincts.
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