Ryan Gosling, who is currently generating Oscar buzz for his performance in the December indie 'Blue Valentine,' is reportedly in negotiations to star in George Clooney's next directorial effort, 'Farragut North.'

According to Deadline, Gosling would play a young press secretary who works for a Presidential candidate -- the same role that was previously linked to Leonardo DiCaprio and 'Star Trek's' Chris Pine, the latter of whom played the character on stage.

Gosling's on-screen boss, a figure loosely based on former Vermont governor and 2004 Presidential hopeful Howard Dean, will be portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Paul Giamatti is also said to be on board as a rival candidate's campaign manager.

If cast, Gosling will basically be playing a version of playwright Beau Willimon, who worked on Dean's campaign in 2004. In the play, the character is a whiz kid with a bright future in politics, but whose weaknesses come out by way of Giamatti's manipulative character and an unwise affair with a teenage intern. (Evan Rachel Wood is reportedly rumored to play the role of the intern on screen.)
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