Rarely do film festival juries delegate their prestigious awards to films about serial killers, cannibals and ninja (oh my!), but this is pretty much par for the course at Fantastic Fest down in Austin, TX. This year's winners included:

-the South Korean revenge outing 'Bedevilled' (Audience Award for Best Picture and "Next Wave" Award for Best Actress - pictured above),
-the Mexican cannibal drama 'We Are What We Are' ("Next Wave" Award for Best Picture and Screenplay),
-the fact-based comedy 'Norwegian Ninja' ("Next Wave" Award for Best Actor and Director),
-the home invasion thriller 'Kidnapped' (Best Horror Feature and Director),
-and the doomed romance 'A Horrible Way to Die' (Best Horror Actor, Actress and Screenplay).

I was fortunate enough to sit on the Horror Shorts Jury, which awarded Best Horror Short to 'The Legend of Beaver Dam' and Honorable Mention to 'Deus Irae'. Best Fantastic Short went to 'Sorry... I Love You' and Best Animated Short went to 'Teclópolis'. They're shorts, so you may never see them for yourself, but they're darn good films anyway. So there.

A more complete list of this year's winners has been included below.