It's always great when a film comes out of nowhere and steals a corner of the spotlight. Oddly enough, over the last few years, many of these left-field wonders have all been of the found footage/mock-documentary variety. And now joining the likes of 'Cloverfield,' 'District 9,' '[REC]' and 'The Last Exorcism' is the Norwegian 'The Troll Hunter,' a film that many people didn't even know existed up until a few days ago -- it doesn't even have an IMDb page. However, after being selected as the final Secret Screening at Fantastic Fest by festival programmer/Twitch Film honcho Todd Brown, it's already building a reputation as a must-see gem of genre filmmaking.

Watch the trailer for the film and you'll know precisely why it's a must-see. If you've grown weary of the recent spate of found footage films, however, then you should be relieved to hear that 'The Troll Hunter' isn't like most of its brethren. Yes, it does present itself as a chronicle of real life advents, but it does so with a delightful self-awareness that other films of this ilk lack. In a lot of very welcome ways, Andrew Ovredal's film is actually a wry send-up of other found footage films in that it plays off its genre's conventions with equal parts comedy and adventure while never trying to convince the audience that the footage is real.

As for what 'The Troll Hunter' is about ... the title pretty much says it all: Trolls are real and this guy hunts them.

Check out the trailer: