If Showtime's mixed-bag 'Masters of Horror' series produced at least one truly great thing its wake, it was 'Nevermore,' the Edgar Allan Poe one-man show, starring Jeffrey Combs and directed by Stuart Gordon. The idea sprung from Gordon's second season episode 'The Black Cat,' which found Combs playing Poe in a story that wove reality with dark horror. Inspired by Combs remarkable performance (and uncanny likeness), Gordon and writer Denis Paoli began tinkering with a full-length play based on the author's life and works. The play opened in Los Angeles during the Summer of 2009 for a four week run, but due to overwhelming popularity, played through till December of that year.

Since then, Gordon and Combs have taken the show on the road, including stops in Baltimore and Austin, Texas -- home of Fantastic Fest and the world famous Alamo Drafthouse. The director and star hosted screenings of two of their most popular film collaborations at the festival (you can read about that here), before sticking around to perform 'Nevermore' to live audiences for four nights in a row.

I loved the show so much, I saw it two nights in a row, and I was grateful to get the chance to speak to both of the men between performances.