The tale of the lovable loser is a familiar one. He's goofy and awkward, but by the end of the film, has some sort of awakening. He'll find his inner strength, clean his act up, and maybe get the dream girl. In Arild Frohlich's 'Fatso', however, there's nothing lovable about Rino Hanssen. He's an agoraphobic mutant who spends his time drawing comics, masturbating, and having non-consensual sex with melons. His existence is barely a blip on the radar. An obese man-child, Rino is fixated on sex and women, which is problematic considering his only social contact comes in the form of his miscreant friend, Fillip. When Rino's father rents out a room in the house to the beautiful and nubile Malin, Rino's life is upended.

Sadly, there's little to like here. All of the characters are self-centered and often abrasive. The story is terribly uninspired, one that has been interpreted more times than you can count. The humor revolves around mocking Rino's sad existence, which comes off as depressing and more than a little pathetic. It's too mean spirited to be truly funny and relies too heavily on unending masturbation jokes. It all comes off as a particularly nasty, yet half-hearted Farrelly brothers movie.
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