In 2006, freshman director Adam Green brought his inaugural film 'Hatchet' to Fantastic Fest. The film played to rave reviews and cheering audiences and became the darling of that year's fest. I saw the film months later and was shocked by how little I enjoyed it despite my being a confirmed horrorphile. But since then Green has directed 'Spiral' and 'Frozen', which are both great films, and returns to this year's fest with the long-anticipated sequel 'Hatchet 2'.

I was actually having a conversation with Adam about film in general when his publicist called my editor, who was standing there with us, to set up an interview between myself, Adam, Danielle Harris, and-though at the time a fact unknown to me-Kane Hodder as well. In the interest of total disclosure, I frankly admitted to Adam that I didn't like 'Hatchet' so that it didn't seem I was hiding it from him and thereby being disingenuous for an interview opportunity. He appreciated the honesty and made no bones about it. But then a thought entered his head to use the info to play a prank on his publicist by calling her directly thereafter and warning her against setting up an interview with me.

What I didn't know, is that Adam decided against that plan and instead, knowing that Kane Hodder's attendance in the interview was unknown to me, told him that I didn't like 'Hatchet' and that he should constantly give me a hard time about during the interview. What follows is the account of one of the scariest encounters I've ever had with one of the largest men on the planet.

***Note: This interview was conducted prior to the first 'Hatchet 2' screening at Fantastic Fest. Also, the massive interview that follows is intended for hardcore horror fans only. Seriously, we get
really geeky. ***

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