'Redline,' directed by Takeshi Koike (Japan)

'Redline' is fast, furious and out of control. Seriously, I do not ever think I've seen such loud anime, both aurally and visually -- this auto-racing movie makes 'Speed Racer' look like a Sunday drive, and is a long way from 'Cars.' The film was eagerly awaited at Fantastic Fest because it was written by Katsuhito Ishii, who wrote and directed Fantastic Fest 2006 selection 'Funky Forest,' and directed by Takeshi Koike, who animated 'Funky Forest.'

The "Redline" of the movie is one of the biggest auto races -- not in the world, but in the galaxy in this futuristic tale. In fact, it's being held on a planet whose inhabitants are actively opposed to its being there and intend to destroy all participants and maybe the spectators too. The prime competitors for the prize are Sonoshee, who has been devoted to cars since her girlhood, and JP, a dark horse with a reputation for being involved in race-fixing and criminal activity.