We're absolutely certain you already know this, but today is the 25th anniversary of 'Commando,' one of the most ridiculous action movies of all time. Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, stars as John Matrix, a retired Special Forces operative who is given a tough choice: He can either commit a political assassination or his teenage daughter (Alyssa Milano) gets it.

Of course no one tells John Matrix what to do, so he goes on an over-the-top path of revenge that mounts a death toll in the triple digits -- with John Matrix personally scoring a body count of 81.

Like everything else Schwarzenegger has ever done, 'Commando' is marked by complete and total domination. Much like John Matrix invaded the fictional nation of Val Verde with a Valmet M78 light machine gun to take on ruthless dictator Arius, so has Schwarzenegger invaded American soil to manhandle the realms on fitness, showbiz, and politics. In honor of the movie's anniversary, let's look back at 25 events that shaped the man who started out as a native of a small village in Austria into becoming the embodiment of the American dream.
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