As my adventures at Fantastic Fest come to their startling conclusion, I invite you to remember the last two chapters here and here. This is the last time you'll get to see them before I take them out of print, digitally tamper with them and make you re-buy them every four years or so.

Day Six

As my adventure winds down, I look back on the past few days and wonder how long it's really been. There's no way it's only been five days. No way. Surely it's been a week. Surely. I've see too many movies and done far too much for this to only be five days.

At the same time, I'm convinced it's only been two days. I've only slept a few hours. Time has flown by. No way I've spent dozens upon dozens of hours in a movie theater already. No way no way.

Time has started to fall apart around my ears and the universe as I know it has started to melt like a chocolate bar in the hot Texas heat and there are times when I can barely keep my eyes open, but you know what? I'm still at Fantastic Fest and I'm making sure everyone I know is keenly aware of this fact.