There are few women in Hollywood -- young and old -- who both tantalize and impress the masses like Helen Mirren, and being a seductive sixty-five-year-old woman only sweetens the pot. Where other actresses seem to fade away with passing years, Mirren defies the idea that there is a "prime" age for success. First a British stage and television star, Mirren has worked in the business since the late '60s, evolving from old-school sexpot to Oscar-winning actress known as much for her stellar acting talent as she is for her allure. She easily volleys between the puritan and the provocateur, taking on British royalty just as easy as tawdry Penthouse epics.

Now she's gearing up to offer both in one package as Victoria, the B&B-running retired gun-toter in Summit's 'Red,' hitting screens next week. With her continuing fame, we've wondered if she's a cinematic anomaly, or the frontwoman in a shifting world for women in Hollywood. But maybe her ever-increasing star power isn't all that surprising.
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