Peter Jackson may be returning to take command of Middle Earth. The Wrap has reported that Jackson is close to finalizing a deal to direct 'The Hobbit' films as MGM and Warner Bros. get closer to greenlighting production.

Jackson, who wanted to write and produce and not direct the two upcoming 'Hobbit' outings, has decided to jump on board after Guillermo del Toro dropped out at the end of May. Del Toro will stay on as a writer, however.

In addition to many delays, pre-production on 'The Hobbit' has been hampered by a lawsuit from the Tolkien heirs, the insolvency of MGM (which owns half the franchise) and recent posturings by the Screen Actors Guild, who were angered at reports that the New Zealand production would not be using guild members. (The prime minister of New Zealand has stepped in to help resolve the conflict).
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