Wonder WomanThere have been repeated attempts over the past few years to bring the Amazon Princess to the big screen -- including a notable attempt by geek icon Joss Whedon -- though for now it looks like folks have instead turned their attention toward getting 'Wonder Woman' on television again. For those too young to remember, Diana Prince's alter ego had her own show in the '70s starring Lynda Carter.

The most surprising piece of information relating to this news is that David E. Kelley, creator of such television shows as 'Ally McBeal' and 'The Practice', has been assigned to revamp the heroine for television.

It seems a shame that the number three icon at DC Comics is sent back to television while the top two (Superman and Batman) have made successful movie franchises and arguably number four (Green Lantern) is on his way to movie stardom. Back in May, Warner Bros. did say that they're still developing Wonder Woman for the big screen, though as of now there's no word on how far along they are. DC plans to reveal their plans for the big screen by the end of the year.

While there is no doubt that some talent is behind this new concept for Wonder Woman, one can only hope that they don't alter her for television audiences to the point of unrecognizability (like J. Michael Straczynski has just done in the comics). In a world where the big superheroes are finding themselves in movie theaters nowadays, can someone like Wonder Woman survive on the small screen? Is there still a place for live-action superheroes on TV?

Think about that while you watch the opening to the old 'Wonder Woman' TV show after the jump.
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