Once upon a time, old Aesop told the story of a little shepherd boy who passed the time with trickery. He would cry wolf, claiming that the hairy beast was attacking his flock of sheep. The villagers would come to the shepherd's aid, only to find that their time was wasted by his amusements. Alas, one day, the time came when he was under attack, and when he cried wolf, no one came to help.

Aesop's old fable comes to mind when parsing through the new war between Charlyne Yi ('Knocked Up','Paper Heart') and TMZ. As Yi tells it, she agreed -- against her better judgment -- to team up with TMZ to help Oxfam with a new video. The footage was then morphed into a news piece framing her as just another crazy actress, spinning her efforts into lame gossip rather than thoughtful help for the charitable organization.

But coming after 'Paper Heart' -- the "documentary" that still has its viewers wondering where truth ended and fiction began -- some are wondering: Is this just another hoax?
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