Below you will find our post in its entirety. This post was sent to 'Hatchet 2' director Adam Green prior to us publishing it so that he could respond, which he did. We thought the best way for you to understand Adam's side of the story was to read his response in full -- the way he intended it to be read -- instead of breaking it up point by point. So, first, our post, then below it you will find Green's lengthy response.

Movie director Adam Green woke up this morning to find that his movie, 'Hatchet 2,' had mysteriously vanished. No witnesses are on record, and the apparently silent cull of his latest project is now the subject of intense speculation. The stunned helmer commented, "We woke up this morning and the movie was gone." So whodunnit? Green's grisly opus -- eagerly anticipated by fans -- had been spirited away from 68 theaters overnight. The prime suspects, cinema chain AMC, pleaded guilty -- but a whiff of conspiracy surrounds their bureaucratic butchery of this hapless B movie.

Set in the ethereal dreamscape of the Louisiana bayou, star Kane Hodder returns as murderous antagonist Victor Crowley in the film. This time round, it's hunter hunted -- as heroine Marybeth returns to the swamps in pursuit of Crowley and vengeance for her slain family. Unsurprisingly, the gore is frequently amped up to 11 -- and with a tagline that reads "Hold on to all your pieces," that's hardly a surprise.
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